What is Research? 
According to Wikipedia: 
Research comprises creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of human’s culture and society and the use of their stock of knowledge to devise new applications. 
According to me: 
“Research is something that starts with birth and ends with death”. As everything in life keeps on changing as we grow, we have to adapt ourselves according to the changing environment. Just imagine yourself as how you are now. And how you were at the time of your birth. It is quiet relevant and obvious that you are not how you were at the time of your birth. This difference lies because of the research, as many activities were performed since your birth. 
Simple examples: 
If suppose you have decided to wear a sweater tomorrow but, weather turns out to be a very pleasing sunny weather tomorrow then your decision of wearing sweater will be changed; this is how we adapt ourselves with the changing environment.
If suppose you decided to prepare a chocolate cake in your home itself, you look for a recipe of chocolate cake on the internet; even here you are undertaking research as you follow the directions given on the internet and you try to perform it on your own. 
Now a days we come to hear about many great scientists, professors about their research and development, theses, their contribution towards the society, country and the world, how they have become great, why they are respected in the society etcetera. This is all because of their study and the research made by them, like an individual does since birth. The only difference is that they have followed the scientific approach i.e. they established or confirmed facts through experimentation, reaffirmed the results of previous work solved new or existing problems, supported theorems or developed new theories. 
I being from a small state like Sikkim found very little scope of research for upcoming generations and lethargic infrastructure being a reason for it into some extent, but at the same time many interested aspirants of research in various topics have motivated many students due to their hard work and enthusiasm in the field, inspite of less availability of data, journals, and infrastructure. 
Therefore, by considering research as a part of life, we can make the people of hills more enthusiastic and motivating research as a way of life would increase its scope in our small place too. A research is even”when a guy and a girl say oh, let’s not continue”. Every activity in life which takes place is a research. So let’s come together and impart and extend this word into some great heights and let’s make our small place a more interesting place to live in. 


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