Into the Strange Land…

by Neha Kamboj

To the land of unknowns, I walk
Amidst silence and serene…
The Beautiful greens holding the air around
And clouds above in the open sky like open arms,
Welcoming the cool breeze,
Swiftly taking away my breathe
And swishing away strands of hair from my face.

The coolness and calm around like never before,
Filling every cell in me with thrill and power.
Walking into the deep and the dark,
Coming across the strangers staring,
But the eyes, the look, its not new
Something familiar, so serene yet so strong
The welcoming smiles and the bright eyes,
Like hugging me tight is a soul I have known before.
I held the smiles into my eyes,
And walked again, waving in reciprocation.

I walk into the strange land, like never before.
A step and two, walking and tip toed,
Sat down at the corner of the street to watch everyone greet,
Greet the cool air and evening meets.
There I was, finding answers about self in silence and peace
Its not the people around, nor me.
I feel so different,  so powerful right now
‘Coz I know people won’t judge me, or blame me
For I’m in the land where nobody knows who I am and where I come from,
Its me with the ennumerable questions
Seeking for answers is a heart,
Pumping and beating, amazed at the beauty around
I seek the silence and absorb it to the core
‘Coz that what’s helping me for now
I feel so known, to my ownself, in the land of unknowns
Its like a rejuvenated soul just rose awake from the dead like a  reincarnated soul…..!!


Working in Corporate in Kolkata, Neha Kamboj loves to paint, write and travel. On a journey of discovering and appreciating what comes on the way , this poem is one such moment that touched her heart forever !


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