Random Emotions…

by Abhishek Sharma


I pray to god, this bad blood to bail,
Silence does not means that peace prevails,
Everyone sees love and harmony but
Nobody feels the “Visible Devil”,
Where we work in modern era, and
everyone is backing up medieval.

The state of total chaos, innocent fools, trading schools, and acts that hurts earth, Layman’s confused, illiterates rules and experts fight on social networks.
I hate the system, people don’t appreciates innovations,
Blindfolded society, See’s a failed man in a suit and seeks motivation.

Inspiration is amongst us, we fail to see the notion,
People comment, judge ,they laugh and beckon for celebration,
Even when the fellow neighbours were crying for separation .

I am not happy in this well, i want to peek through,
Please don’t stitch my mouth, i want to speak too,
I want to write the truth, but there is a flaw,
You always blame the youths, but what did you draw ?
This is an act of slavery , everyone lies,
There is no option to choose, another one dies,

Don’t expect a better sight,
When you make stronger one to sleep and weakest to fight,
The strongest one dies, and so does the other one,
You feel down when your success bothers everyone,
People get jealous, they tend to take you down,
Exact moment you realise your loved ones are not around…

And then you Hard work, lift yourself , and find new ways,
As good moments are only valuable to those who had dark days .

A major in Physics, Abhishek Sharma is a young enthusiast teacher in Sikkim who loves sharing his knowledge to the eager minds.

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