I just shared my life so far with others for I have nothing to hide : Tarzan Subba

Tarzan Subba
Being Myself, pages from my diary (an anthology) by Tarzan Subba,    Chief Accounts Officer/Joint Director, PGIPF Division, Finance, Revenue & Expenditure Department, Government of Sikkim was recently launched in Gangtok.He spoke with Wandering Soul of Sikkim about himself and his first book. Here's the excerpts.

Wandering Soul of Sikkim (WSOS): Early years/Education/ Childhood Memories that you wish to share.

Tarzan Subba (TS): My early years, education and childhood memories make up a big note which have been shared in detail in the book.

WSOS: What motivated you to pen down your journey/thoughts/incidents?

TS: Writing diary was something I engaged in right from my school days. I was highly sensitive as a young boy and I used to vent out my feelings and thoughts through writing which I still do. Writing came naturally to me and BEING MYSELF is the result of that.

WSOS: What is your favorite memory from the book?

TS: There are many memories that are close to my heart.  It is difficult to pick one as such however, if I have to I may pick up the chapters on my daughter, my early school days, my wife and our marriage and ‘Understanding Self’, Prologue and Epilogue should speak my heart out.

WSOS: What is your objective of releasing your personal incidents/experiences in the public domain?

TS: Even before I could think of writing (publishing) the book there were many who liked my writings and my writing style.  Many said they loved it because they could easily relate themselves with my writings. Moreover, what is not written is not remembered. Nothing is permanent…not even this life.  I wanted to leave behind something for my daughter, her children and her children’s children to read about their father and grandfather long after I am gone.  Besides this, many found my writings motivating and inspiring and there is nothing like seeing others inspired and being positive towards life. My life has been an open book.  Anybody can read any of its pages. I just shared my life so far with others for I have nothing to hide.  I am an ordinary man living a simple life.  Somehow there are people who like the way I live and it’s a beautiful feeling to know that.

WSOS: We are aware that you are a gadget freak. Could you please enlighten our readers about some gadgets that you have a strong liking for?

TS: Here too there are many gadgets that have been my favourites and it’s not an easy task to pick one as my favourite.  If you insist I may say DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter was the best gadget I ever used/flew. I have always been crazy about RC Aircrafts.  There is no other gadget that can ever take the place of an RC Helicopter as my favourite.  Apart from it I would pick up iPad Pro 10.5 with apple pencil.  It’s an amazing combination….technology at its best. There are many more to share on this.

WSOS: Some of your memorable experiences of serving the Sikkimese Society as a Civil Servant.

TS: As a civil servant I enjoy my life every day.  I have shared many  anecdotes as a civil servant in the book. Grab a copy and I assure you that you won’t feel bored reading it!

WSOS: We know that you are active on social sites too and interact with people sharing your views quiet often. How do you manage your time between being an efficient civil servant that you are who leaves no file unattended in his table and being a person active in social sites?

TS: It’s heartening to know that you know about my work ethics.  I work hard.  I am consistent and do my work pretty seriously duly realizing that I am a part of the system and not the system itself.  I am a team player.  I delegate powers and responsibilities wherever I feel it is necessary and possible. Working sincerely and honestly for 6 hours leaves my table clean of files, papers, bills, cheques and other things by the time I head back home.  My better-half is my home maker and she takes care of all house-hold chores.  I help her in doing things which do not involve playing with water as I am prone to cold.  Tapapriya is a unique kid. She is sincere, obedient and intelligent.  She does all her homework all by herself.  I just have to be there at home and she needs my assistance only sometimes.  This gives me enough time to explore my passions which include writing, gadgets, reading and being active in social media.

WSOS: About your favorite Musician.

TS: The list is long…really very long.  I am a unique combination of many things and my tastes have a wide range when it comes to music.  But to sum it all – Jagjit Sahab reigns all over the rest. I get ecstatic when I listen to him.  Sometimes I sing alone with him and sometimes I cry listening to his soulful voice.  Words touch so deep that tears well up in eyes and I get choked.  Jagjit Sahab has an inexplicable effect on me.  I get emotionally, spiritually and physically refreshed.  I derive a lot of positive energy listening to his gazals. To me his gazals are nothing less than a life-line.

WSOS: Would you like to recommend some books, that you consider are great reads, for our readers?

TS: There are many books that I would like others to read.  I read a lot.  I may not recommend any specific book/s to the readers as tastes and preferences vary from person to person. I can only say that  I am more into non-fictions and autobiographies and biographies are my favourites besides books on current affairs, politics, law and history.

WSOS: What shall be your one ideal message to the youth of Sikkim?

TS: Be positive. Live life. Be focussed.  Dream. It’s great to dream. Work hard. There are no short-cuts to success.

WSOS: Anything that you wanted to say about Wandering Soul of Sikkim.

TS: It’s a wonderful platform to share ideas and reach out to people.

Tarzan Subba speaking at the Book Launch.

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