YOUNG LEADER: An Interview with Severine Rai (Zilla Panchayat, Assam Lingzey)



Severine Rai

Born to Shri B B Stephen Rai and Smt. Madan Kumari Rojabell Rai of Gairi Gaon, a village rich in flora and fauna, located at Assam Lingzey in East Sikkim, Severine Rai was recently elected to represent the people of Assam Lingzey Territorial Constituency in the East District Zilla Panchayat. Wandering Soul of Sikkim interviewed him for the YOUNG LEADER SERIES. Here’s excerpts of the same:


Wandering Soul of Sikkim(WSOS): Would you like to share with us something about your early years and about your studies?

Severine Rai (SR): I spent my most memorable years at Gairi Gaon, my naturally beautiful village. I started my schooling from Government Junior High School, Gaucharan and passed Class XII from Government Senior Secondary School, Assam Lingzey as a Humanities student. I completed my graduations from Sikkim Government College, Tadong in the year 2005.


WSOS: What inspired you to join politics?

SR: I am inspired by the thoughts of my political idol, Hon’ble Chief Minister Pawan Chamling who always thinks about the future of Sikkim and its people.


WSOS: What is your take on those who term politics to be “a dirty game”?

SR: I disagree with the statement. I agree with our Chief Minister when he says “Politics is a Science”. Politics as a whole is not a dirty game. People with dirty mindset plays dirty politics.


WSOS: How important it is to involve students and youth in mainstream politics?

SR: It is indeed very important to involve students and youth in mainstream politics. Their involvement will bring in them, a much needed awareness about their political rights and they can contribute in making our society more aware and responsible.


WSOS: What are you looking forward to do for Assam Lingzey?

SR: Firstly, it is important to be educated and skilled. Education is the most powerful weapon these days. I will focus on taking forward the agenda of quality education being taken up by our government. Also, I will encourage our youth to be skilled and self dependent through their involvement in organic farming, dairy farming and in the tourism sector.


WSOS: Your message to the youth of Sikkim.

SR: Update Yourself. Be Good, Do Good and be responsible for a better tomorrow. Let our Sikkim shine forever and ever.


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