YOUNG LEADER:An Interview with Nishant Chettri, President,SRC, Tadong College.

Nishant Chettri
Nishant Chettri was elected the President of the Student Representative Council of Sikkim Government College, Tadong in the recently held Student Representative Council elections. Wandering Soul of Sikkim talked with him in the Young Leader Series. Here is the excerpts of our interview with the Young Leader:
Wandering Soul of Sikkim (WSOS): Would you like to share something about your early years and about your schooling?
Nishant Chettri (NC): I am from a peaceful village near Rhenock in East Sikkim. My parents are so far my strongest and only support. They are the most important part of my world. My Childhood was awesome with lots of memories to cherish. I Studied in Government Senior Secondary School,Dikling, Tashi Namgyal Academy, Gangtok and in Government Senior Secondary School,Rhenok. Presently I am studying in Sikkim Government College, Tadong.
WSOS: What inspired you to join student politics?
NC: Inspired from students. Past instances of students unitedly speaking for justice has proved that Youth Power can make huge impact on anyone if utilised for the right cause. This inspired me the most to take up student politics.
And I personally feel that we all should take a step forward with head held high and demand Justice.
WSOS: What would be that one thing that you would like to change in the system when you get a chance to be inside?
NC: The problem with us is that we plan to change the system. If there is anything which needs to be changed is our approach towards things. System is like a flowing river where we lie like a fallen leaf. But instead of changing the system we can operate it when we are inside with a new approach. And remember that we constitute the System and if we can change ourself than the system will surely be taken care of.
WSOS: What is your take on those who term politics to be a dirty game?
NC: Politics is what we make. Either Good or Dirty it is artificial. So if we define politics as a dirty game than it is us who made it dirty. Instead of criticizing Politics we should come forward and take steps in improving it and make it efficient and clean.
WSOS:How important it is to involve students and youth in mainstream politics?
NC: We see that there are very less number of young politician in our state. Nothing wrong in it but the approach of doing things differs between the  young and the seniors. Youth(Educated/Knowledgeable) should take part actively in making politics a fair game to play. Experience of seniors & mind/energy/ideas of young people will change our current scenario. Politics is a very powerful tool which if used effectively can change the world. Stop being vote bank.
WSOS: Your take on the need of an intellectual and informed debates in Sikkim on important issues. How do you think can we engage young people to talk about things that matter?
NC: Lots of hidden talents exists in our state. But what we lack is platforms and opportunities. Interactive programs at School,College and University levels can be organised for providing opportunities to these young and talented people.
WSOS: Your message to the youth of Sikkim.
NC: The message that I have for the young people is: stop criticizing and start acting. Action speaks louder. Stop being vote bank. Choose the one who deserves not the one reserved. Dont expect the change to occur by itself instead be the change which is required. Never back down. Let us all unite and make Sikkim a better and prosperous state that we expect to see in near future.
WSOS: Thank You Mr. President for talking to us for the Young Leader Series.

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