YOUNG LEADER: An Interview with Sandeep Kumar Rai (President, SRC, Gyalshing College)

Sandeep Kumar Rai

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Continuing with our Young Leader Series, today we present our interview with one young and inspiring student leader Sandeep Kumar Rai,  President of the Student Representative Council (SRC), Sikkim Government College, Gyalshing, West Sikkim.

Here’s the excerpts of our interview:

Wandering Soul of Sikkim (WSOS): Would you like to share something about your early years and school days?
Sandeep Kumar Rai( SRK):  I am from a village called Omchung near Gyalshing in West Sikkim. My parents Nar Maya Rai and Prem Chandra
Rai are engaged in agricultural activities. I Completed my primary schooling from my village school and my secondary and senior Secondary level schooling from middle Gyalshing and Pelling Schools respectively and there after joined Sikkim Government College, Gyalshing.

WSOS: What inspired you to join Student Politics?
SKR: I was inspired by by seeing my seniors, teachers and some
good politicians.

WSOS: What is your take on those who term politics to be “a dirty game”?
SKR:I completely ignore such terms because politics is an instrument
which can used to develop States and Nations.Perhaps, some leaders’
concepts, thoughts and view points may be dirty but not the whole of politics.

WSOS: How important it is to involve students and youth in mainstream politics?
SKR: Students and youth are the future of any state because
they have strength of  knowledge and skills and the potential to serve society in a positive manner and can also influence others. Students and youth are the
resources of our state, therefore, we  need to involve them in  mainstream

WSOS:What are you looking forward to do as the President of Gyalshing
College? What are the problems in your College?
SKR: First of all, we do not have a permanent College Campus,proper infrastructure and other facilities which are required in our college. Problems that we are facing are comparatively more than those in other colleges and these problems are  a serious impediments for the progress of our college.
To underline a few major problems I would like to point that the lack of water facilities, sanitation, insufficiency of classrooms and halls, library, hostel, insufficient transport facilities (Bus), lack of proper games & sports  facilities and the urgent necessity of  a permanent and proper  college campus are the essentials for our college to prosper.

WSOS:Your message to the youth of sikkim.
SKR: Youth means new generation, the future, the bright tomorrow, they are  the resources of any state. Their energy and enthusiausm are the best weapons and by the
virtue of this they can be able to ensure that our society prosper.  Youth shall always be on right path, be sincere, humble and ambitious. Youth needs to work very hard
every day and night because the society and the state needs youth and youth power.                We must understand that the problem of  unemployment can be solved by none other than ourselves. We must realise that unless we become
qualitative and be prepared for anything that comes our way, we cannot suceed.
The most important factor for us is believing in ourselves. Believe in
your dreams and conquer them.
I believe, this is something all of us and the coming generation
should follow.

WSOS: Thank You so much Sandeep for talking with us.

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