Journey towards my Dreams

-Pawan Pyakurel

On the way to find out or create a reality in which I can fly high, like I do in my imaginative world, I find myself wondering for few hours, reading a book that promises me success for few hours and taking actions that I feel will take me towards creating the reality, in which I will be flying high, like I do in my imaginative world. Yet, I find myself stumbling with the reality, not being able to make a single progress towards my goals. I have lived many days with the full effort, but I haven’t found myself making a slight progress. And, I am starting this day with lots of courage, health, hope and prayer that by the end of the day, I will be bringing some of my imaginative world to the existing reality which my physical body can experience.

It is not the call of complain, though it may seem. Rather it is call for courage and hope and believes that I will make on towards my goal by the end of the day, no matter what be the circumstances. It’s the fact that so many of the good things exist in my dream world, but the bitter truth is they are yet not present in the real world, I am living. And my purpose, I have chosen is to bring that dream which my mind experiences every day, to the real world, which can be experienced by my physical body till the day it has life in it. The fact is, I see no practical way towards the same, even what I can see, I see the same not very clearly. Whether that blurriness is my own disbelief and lack of courage, or something else which I am not aware of?

Reading a book to teach myself about the ways to bring those beautiful things of my dream world, or thinking and writing for hours about myself and my dreams, and the way to move towards the same or taking actions with whatever things I have, or asking my mind about the practical solutions to move towards my goal. Out of these all options, how to choose and prioritize them and start making progress towards my goals? My dream world looks so beautiful now; I want to make it even better by continually adding good things and removing all the bad and evils that have entered there without my notice. I take the responsibility of creating my dream world most amazing and having the experiences of living them in reality.



Pawan is on a journey to master  the art of communication so that he can experience, learn, and share his learnings to make people think for their growth in personal life and career.


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