YOUNG LEADER: An Interview with Ms. Charu Chhetri (Guragai)

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Charu Chhetri (Guragai) is the General Secretary of Student Representative Council (SRC), Sikkim Government Law College, Burtuk. Wandering Soul of Sikkim recently talked with her for our Young Leader Series. Here’s the excerpts of our interview:

Wandering Soul of Sikkim (WSOS):  Would you like to share something about your childhood and your school days?

Charu Chhetri (CC):  I was born in Tarku, South Sikkim but spent my later years at Samdong. I am blessed to be born in an immensely supportive family. My schooling began from Enlightened Academy and I completed it from Government Senior Secondary School, Samdong before joining Sikkim Government Law College, Burtuk to pursue my graduations in Law. I have many beautiful memories from my childhood full of enjoyment and learning.

WSOS: What inspired you to join student politics?

CC: Young population of Sikkim mostly is comprised of students only and if this unity can be maintained throughout than we will see Sikkim flourish.
Utilisation and importance of Students and their unity inspired me the most to join student politics.

WSOS:  What would be that one thing you would like to change in the system when you get a chance to be inside?

CC: Eradication of Corruption in education sector. Some day in future I would like to spread this message to all those who are suffering and to protest on behalf of them. If I get a chance to be inside the system I would like to change it in favour of students.

WSOS: What is your take on those who term politics to be “a dirty game”?

CC: Playing football in a wrong way makes it dirty. So does politics ; If given in right hands and in right way will eradicate this idea. If one terms politics dirty than the player must be of negative mind with little knowledge. And little knowledge is always dangerous.

WSOS: How important it is to involve students and youth in mainstream politics?

CC: Youth are the future of the whole world. So, making them positive should be the first priority. Young people getting into mainstream politics can be of great aid to the nation as their approach towards things would be different from the current scenario. They know the right and necessary things. So involvement of Youth in mainstream politics would be really very effective for a better future.

WSOS: Your take on the need of an intellectual and informed debates in Sikkim on important issues. How do you think can we engage our people to talk about things that matter?

CC: This could be the best way to utilise the significantly important ideas of our  youth into mainstream politics. Informed debates in Schools, Colleges and Universities could change the veiwpoint of the youth left behind with unutilised potential.

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WSOS: What are you looking forward to do as the General Secretary of Sikkim Government Law College, Burtuk?
CC: On behalf of all the students I would like to work on some of the issues, most importantly  proper library facilities and hostel facilities to mention a few. Also, I will stand for good cause in favour of students with honour and pride in all cases.

WSOS:  Your message to the youth of Sikkim.

CC: Youth are not careless instead they are cared Less. They are also not useless but instead they are used less. So I would like to convey this to  you all that don’t ever be vote bank for the  corrupt and the negative minded ones. Think before you act. Never let your views and ideas get ruined. Work hard and enjoy every moment. Gain much more knowledge and experience while you can. Lastly, try and be a responsible person every day, as we all know that  the future of our nation lies in our hands.
I would also like to thank Wandering Soul Of Sikkim for giving this opportunity to me.

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