Illuminating Writer’s Corner


No no! You are mistaken She is not a robot!
She is a human she too bleed and clot.
Yes! she works eighteen plus hours in twentyfour,
She gets to smell new clothes twice a year, but she is not poor.
When daylight fades slowly and darkness creep through the door,
She suffers the wait, wait for her children and her spouse,
Even the tongue tied wall sings joy when everyone’s in the house.
She serves the meal, listens to how their whole day’s babble,
Now she is alone in kitchen, she thinks stuffs cleaning up the table.
She too have words to share even though every day was the same,
She too had goals to chase, she too thought of giving life to her name.
She stares at those beautiful and lone symbolizing stars,
She conceal herself not to hate those nine nine nine nine months of scars.
When everyone dives in ocean of dream,
She enters the bedroom puts the light dim.

Text: Roshni Neopaney @illuminatingwriter

Pic: Avishek Khatiwara @iamshutterbugg

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