Learning and growing everyday in every way: A path to achievement.

-Pawan Pyakurel 

Achievement of something great that we feel will bring some positive change comes from the mantra, “I will learn and grow everyday in everyway.” Actually not only reciting it but practising the same in our life.

The simple reason behind why I am saying this is because no great achievement comes in  a single shot. If one is moving for achievement, he/she has to learn from every failure and success along the way.

Many times in journey of our life, we will come across a situation wherein our strongest belief of all times is found by ourself that, the particular belief was always influencing our every choices and decisions in negative way and thus yielding negative results. Should we let ourselves collapse because of this discovery?

Coming back to the subject, what does ‘learning and growing everyday in everyway’ mean? Is it learning by reading books, listening to lectures, looking back at our past experiences, observing other people, observing our own thoughts, analyzing the goals we set and the tasks we do? Yes, these all relates to  the meaning of ‘learning and growing everyday in everyway.

So, wise decision that we can take in such a situation is being grateful towards ourselves for making such a discovery and just learn and grow towards something better. The interesting point is we will never have the moment of over excitement or regret when any of the events occur, because for us the event is just a chance to learn and grow everyday in every way.

Pawan is on a journey to master  the art of communication so that he can experience, learn, and share his learnings to make people think for their growth in personal life and career.                                              

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