Challenging the Challenges.

Positive vibes can be cultivated in oneself by practising different routines. Here we are going to learn, how positive vibes can be cultivated by practising a simple activity of knowing the challenge, accepting it and overcoming it.

Our life is full of challenges. We are having a hard time every day in figuring out the right choices and decisions for ourselves or taking actions for moving towards what we choose for ourselves. This is on a personal level. Also in other areas of life we find challenges like managing and maintaining good financial status for our family, convincing people to do some productive tasks, taking societal responsibility; and many other physical and psychological problems.

Running away from the challenges serves no good as it only takes power and control of our problems away from us. And we end up lying in some corner, complaining that we are unlucky and nothing is in our control. Accepting it as a challenge requires courage to move out of our comfort zone. The best time to act for overcoming our problems is now, and other best time is the one that you schedule for it.

People who run big corporations, people who are leaders, people who run nations face challenges like eradicating  a disease from  an entire nation, protecting the nation from being attacked, staying in the government etc. among many others. The day they start overlooking the challenges they are thrown out of their throne and most of us are ignoring problems that seem difficult and seeking temporary pleasures until the day when the problems overpowers us with feelings of anxiety and stress.

Challenges appear at every point in our life. The challenge to maintain our current standards of living or improve the same to a higher level, a challenge to overcome diseases and keep oneself physically fit, a challenge to think good at all times and challenges to live upto expectations to name a few; keeps popping into our days and these challenges brought about by life are inevitable. What we must do is accept these as opponents and work to defeat them. For, if  Rosa Park hadn’t taken the skin colour based discrimination as a challenge to be overcome, and if she had overlooked the problem, colour based discrimination might be prevalent even today. On a more personal level, if Lionel Messi had taken the lack of growth hormone in his body as an undefeatable obstacle and hadn’t accepted it as challenge to be overcomed, he wouldn’t be awarded with Ballon D’Or five times. So, the question still remains! What challenges to ignore? and what challenges to work for? as we are for a limited time on Earth. Would it be fulfilling at the end, if we keep on working to overcome challenges throughout our life?

We can opt to work every day for few hours, accepting a particular challenge, that distinguishes itself as important after doing proper analysis. One thing to remember is that too much of attention on something drives out our attention from others, which may sometimes be productive but at other times might have a devastative effect. Until, we are skilled enough to choose the amount of time to be invested for the best productivity, staying open to all the opppurtinities and challenges so offered will be beneficial.

The challenge is not only to achieve the goal instead it exists in going past the obstacles that come in our way and those hurdles are to be crossed over. Obstacles can be both internal and external. Internal includes lack of; motivation, drive, discipline, dedication and external include lack of resources and other materialistic things. A sense of satisfaction and power that comes by overcoming a challenge builds confidence and power in us and can act as the motivational drive to perform our every day tasks better and to move towards our goal. The practice would also keep our mind open to available possibilities to solve a problem and overcome a challenge..

Are you ready now to accept the problems as challenges and work smart to overcome them?


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