Poem: My Old Home

Today, when I lie on my hostel bed,
I wander myself off.
It was a past few years, that i get,
Which was ummm..quiet so tough.
When I certainly feel so lost.
Turning into regret, not among those fines
But amongst the worst.
I walked through your forgotten old stairs
to feel that nostalgic kick.
To have that smile on my face,
To stammer as i try to speak.
It comes from the heart breaking point when i left my old home, you.
I am sorry to have been so selfish,iam sorry to have left you alone.
I am sorry to have left you with those holes,not the doors that are wide open, but those from where your beauty are much more stolen.
How selfish it was for me to forget you
not only the light, I just begun to enjoy your darkness too.
The guava tree where I made those swings.
Where I learned to fall.
Where I got my wings.
I think I got it a bit early, I had to fly.
Now when I look here and there,
I just got this hostel bed,
Thoughts of pretty million memories,
And just, lie.

Anupam is a budding photographer and writer. Click here to find him on Instagram.

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