Essay: Organic Farming is the next big thing: Why & How?

(This essay was written by Dakchina Sharma, a student of Government Secondary School, Amba, East Sikkim as her participating entry for the INTER SCHOOL ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION  held at Government Senior Secondary School, Mamring, East Sikkim recently, as a part of Inter School Scholastic Competition, jointly organised by Amba, Bering Tareythang & Taza Gram Panchayats and powered by Wandering Souls of Sikkim. She bagged first position in the competition and her essay is being published verbatim in the WSOS webzine. We wish her the best in life. –WSOS.)

Dakchina receiving her medal, prizes and certificates after being declared the winner.

First of all let us know about organic, as we all know that organic farming is the method of crop and livestock production that involves much more that choosing not to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic agriculture is not just a source of safer, healthier, and tastier food it is answer to the rural poverty, and it is not just a method 0f farming, it is saving earth and farmers lives. The use of pesticides leds to an enormous level of chemical build-up in the environment, in the soil ,plants, animals and then in our bodies. Fertilizers have short term good effect on productivity but long term bad effect on the environment.

Inorganic farming has negative effect on farmers because long term use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides led to decrease in the productivity and deteriorates the health of the soil. This concern of our farmers has led to the concept of organic farming. We have to be confident of the organic way of farming. The healthier way of farming is organic method that our fore fathers practised over the period of years because it has positive effect on the soil and better production without leaving chemical residues. Sikkim has been the pioneer under organic farming. The government has set up National Organic Farming Institute at Gangtok to promote organic farming in North- East and other parts of the country. The organic farming is the system optimizing productivity and fitness of diverse communities. The principal goal of organic farming is to enterprise the sustainability and harmony with the environment. The general principle of organic farming includes the following:

  • To protect the environment
  •  To minimize biological degradation of the soil.
  •  To take care of soil pollution.
  • To maintain fertility of the soil.
  • To maintain soil degradation and erosion.
  • To protect from all the problems that led from chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides.

There are lot of challenges in organic farming like the productivity is low, the crop takes longer time to mature etc, but the key to success is that the organic produce fetches higher price. So the organic farming has capability to motivate the farmers. The pesticides and other chemicals have contributed to increase various diseases, various forms of cancer and reduced body immunity. As such we have to follow the method of organic farming which helps to take care of such chemical problems from which we are facing various diseases.

Our Honourable Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling has worked tirelessly to make our state as the first organic state of India. Knowing that our state is organic, as a responsible citizen we should not promote and buy the inorganic products from outside the state . We know that unity is strength, and hence we have to work together to make our state fully organic and free from these dangerous chemicals which deteriorate our health. If our health becomes good by consuming organic produce, then why think of inorganic farming.  Remember that before using chemical fertilizer and pesticides we have to think once, twice or maybe thrice about the ill effects of it.  Lastly  organic farming can’t just be a hobby, it has to be the way of life and absolutely necessary in maintaining good human health. Indeed it has to be the need of the hour.

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