My Journey – From Sikkim to Scindia School.

Safal Rai

The world has suddenly started to appear bigger and better after joining the University. When I was a kid in a small town I could hardly even dream of studying after 8th standard. That is what I think is most of the kids in rural Sikkim are like. Being short at resources we can never hope or dream high. But odds are there, like me. I have just graduated from the Scindia School, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, and surprisingly, my mindset as a kid has completely changed. My future plans are nothing like those I had as a child. I am now able to dream and work towards its fulfilment fearlessly. So let me tell you how this amazing transformation took place in my life.

I was a kid growing up in a small town, Legship in West Sikkim. For me, the world just extended to its small boundaries. Unaware of vast opportunities that this huge world can offer to us, I was busy putting limitation to my perception of the world. Nothing stayed the same once I unexpectedly stood second in a scholarship test. This was test for the Honourable Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme initiated by our Honourable Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling. This scholarship became the key to my change as it introduced me to the Scindia School. This is a school of national repute and has been awarded many times as best boarding school. 

Of course, the school didn’t perform any magic on me to change me. The change took place from the first step I took on its ground. I suddenly realised that in this boarding school I won’t have my parents around me anymore. But the problem was solved as I found new & amazing people with whom I could interact. I learned that they were like me, living in a hostel without parents. In the beginning I didn’t knew what to do and when but later it became difficult even to sit freely as we had to follow a tight and typical hostel schedule. I also realized before joining this school I never had a hobby. Here in the school, there were varieties of activities ranging from sports to cultural activities. Soon I went busy with my new found hobbies, debating, elocution, music and social work. Oh I completely ignored the academic part. I had great time learning from my mentors. They were always at their toes to solve our problems not only as a teacher but also as a friend. I feel blessed to have them as my teachers. The school always hosted various inter-school competitions for us to excel by competing with others.

My school was the place where I was perfectly groomed to live in the real world full of opportunities. It helped to realize my interest and goals. It widened my myopic perception of the world. My school is surely most amazing part of my life. 

I know still kids in rural area might be living without the knowledge of the vast world and endless opportunities and they might be goalless. My only goal is to reach out to them and help them to find hope. I was lucky to get an opportunity from the Government which changed my life. But sadly many of the children are still unable to afford good education. I wish all learned people like us could help them.

Safal Rai, 18, from Legship, West Sikkim joined Scindia School, Gwalior after he was selected for Honourable Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme. Currently, after completing his schooling, he is pursuing B.Com from Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok.

(Editor’s Note: This is our first article in the series. In this series we are trying to bring out write ups contributed by the meritorious recipients of Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme. This is a scheme envisioned by Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to sponsor meritorious students completing their primary level education from Government Schools to pursue their further studies from reputed boarding schools, both within and outside the state.)

Special Thanks to Mr. Prayash Gupta, Assistant Professor of English, SMU for his inputs. – WSOS


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