Deependra Chettri
I am  really thankful to our Honourable Chief Minister Pawan Chamling  for envisioning the Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme  for the meritorious students from downtrodden families. I really feel privileged to get an opportunity to study under this scheme. This scheme has changed my life and shaped me to who I am today.
When I was studying in class 5, I had not even imagined that I will be getting an opportunity to study in a prestigious school. In 2011, it was like a “dream come true” for me to get a chance to study under this scheme.  In the beginning it was hard for me to cope up as I was really weak in English. I was finding it difficult to communicate with friends, but soon I was used to the language and could communicate efficiently. It was also my first experience in hostel. I really cherish this experience because I learned many things. It helped me to stay away from unwanted stuffs and made me a disciplined person. I learned to live away from home. I didn’t feel lonely in hostel because most of the time I would be engaged in some kind of activities. Everyone in our hostel had  to play games as it was compulsory. This  not only helped us in our physical fitness, but also refreshed our minds. We were forbidden to use electronic gadgets which seemed senseless back then, but now I have realised how wonderful restriction it was!
Our school (Don Bosco, Malbasey) is located in a area with beautiful landscape which makes it perfect place for the students to study. There wasn’t any kind of external disturbances as we were away from the hustle and bustle of the town. I consider myself lucky to have got a chance to study in such School. School not only gives us bookish knowledge but also focuses on Co-curricular activities which makes our foundation strong. My School was strict regarding the performance of the students in academics too. Our parents would be called, if we weren’t preforming well.
I am really thankful for the opportunity,  but I would also like to point out some flaws in addition to this. This Scheme has broadened the minds of the students and has given great height to their dreams. Some students studying under this scheme really want to pursue their dreams in different fields, but unfortunately they  do not  have the financial push from their parents. The scholarship money that is provided to them at the graduation level is too less to pursue technical and medical courses.  Due to this the students are compelled to compromise with their dream. This is also one of the reason why there are only handful of students in medical and technical field.
Lastly, I would like to thank our honorable Chief Minister from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity and extending this scheme upto graduation level. Your efforts will not go wasted, Sir.
Deependra Chettri from Lower Timburbong, West Sikkim joined Don Bosco School, Malbasey after he was selected for Honourable Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme. Currently, after completing his schooling, he is pursuing B.Sc (Mathematics) from Namchi Government College, Kamrang, South Sikkim

(Editor’s Note: This is our sixth article in the series. In this series we are trying to bring out write ups contributed by the meritorious recipients of Chief Minister’s Merit Scholarship Scheme. This is a scheme envisioned by Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to sponsor meritorious students completing their primary level education from Government Schools to pursue their further studies from reputed boarding schools, both within and outside the state.)


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