Turning point of my Life.

Shweta Sharma

The summer of 2010 was a turning point of my life. I was studying in Adampool Junior High School. I had just been promoted to sixth standard that year. One day, all of a sudden, I was called into the headmaster’s office. I was amazed and frightened as well, but to my surprise he’d actually called me to appreciate for making it to the Honourable Chief Minister Merit Scholarship Scheme. It was so overwhelming to know that I had managed to be amongst the top ten students selected for the scholarship. My family, teachers and I were extremely elated that day.

I was eagerly waiting for 12th of April, 2010. I along with my two fellow mate were enrolled in Pinegrove School, located amidst the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh. This day marked a new chapter, leading me to a journey very much different from the one I was living before. I was thrilled and afraid at the same time. I remember, asking my father to pinch me, if I was dreaming about the school that I was witnessing in front of my eyes.
This opportunity was a milestone for an ordinary girl born and brought up in a small village. 

As a stranger in a particular place,away from home, we struggle, we face trials and troubles. Moreover, we learn, develop, improve and overcome them, so was my experience being in Pine grove for 7 years.

Initial days in a boarding school were quite tough for me; residing in a hostel, eating the local food (North Indian), bonding with people from different places, learning languages like English, Hindi and Punjabi . I had a hard time adapting myself to the school’s atmosphere and taking part in co- curricular activities. It was a big challenge to stay away from home and family. But every cloud has a silver lining. Gradually, days became better, I settled down , made tons of friends and I started to like the food. My grades were improving and taking part in various activities like debates, poem writing, sketching, music, etc. which I was afraid of started to amuse me so much.

Days went by very swiftly teaching me life changing lessons, defining my personality, my strengths and weaknesses. Pinegrove gave me so many opportunities to excel in various fields, developing me all round. In the blink of an eye seven years passed by and this beautiful journey came to an end. With a very heavy heart I bid farewell to Pinegrove, which had become my second home by then. I cannot thank this school enough for all that it gave me. Now that I am an alumnus of this institution it brings an immense joy to look back and cherish all the memories.

I came out as a changed person, full of enthusiasm, confidence and my head held high.I was no more that narrow minded girl with no dreams, very much satisfied in a small cocoon unaware of what lied beyond it. Today, I dream big, I dream to explore and experience as much as I can, I dream to make everyone proud. Furthermore, staying this far showed me the value of my hometown and that how fortunate I am to have taken birth in the most beautiful state filled with all the required goodness.

All this would have never happened if it hadn’t been our Honourable Chief Minister’s thoughtful act towards underprivileged children like us. I record my deepest gratitude. We are so fortunate that our scholarship didn’t cease after completing our high school but we are still being aided for our graduation.

I feel truly blessed and honoured to have such a leader who takes such initiatives for the people of Sikkim. The HCMMSS gave me an identity and earned me so much respect in my society. This scheme encourages and motivates the students to toil in their studies and dream big. I was also one of them when I heard of it I was so inspired.

There is still a long way to go, I want to be an asset to my state and pay back for all the money and time spent on me. I pray to live up to our Honourable Chief Minister’s expectations and fulfil my responsibilities I owe him.

Shweta Sharma from Adampool, East Sikkim joined Pinegroove School, Himachal Pradesh after she was selected for Honourable Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme. Currently, after completing her schooling, she is pursuing her graduation in Commerce from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi.

(Editor’s Note: In this series we are trying to bring out write ups contributed by the meritorious recipients of Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme. This is a scheme envisioned by Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to sponsor meritorious students completing their primary level education from Government Schools to pursue their further studies from reputed boarding schools, both within and outside the state.)

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