The Astonishing Moment

Dipesh Darjee

As I walk down the memory lane it gives me immense joy and happiness to recall the life changing opportunity that knocked at the door of my life in 2010. It is truely said that, the harder we work the luckier we get. With the proper guidance and support of my parents and teachers I could successfully go through the door of opportunity that was widely opened for me. 

Well the journey of this life changing experience began with a single phone call from my previous years class teacher, Mr. S.N Sharma. It was cold winter evening and we were about to have dinner when my dad receives a phone call saying that I was selected for the Chief Ministers Meritorious Scholarship Scheme. That single phone call changed the ambiance of our room and filled with extreme joy and happiness. 
My dad gave me a hug and I sensed that I had achieved something big. Since than I have picturised myself studying in the renowned school of Sikkim with the best quality of education. 
I joined St. Xavier’s School, Pakyong in the year 2010 under CMMSS where I prepared myself to be an asset of the society. 

I am what I choose to be and the purpose of my life is life of purpose. It is indeed true that the personality of an individual is determined by the environment where he/she lives in, but as per my experience it is the individuals choice which mainly moulds their personality. St. Xavier’s has played a vital role in imparting the wisdom to make quality choice in my life. 

Life in Xavier’s was completely different. It was a completely new experience for me and different by great measure from what I experienced in my previous school. Apart from quality education we also enjoyed lots of other co- curricular activities. But most importantly we were imparted with the value based education which I feel is necessary for both present and upcoming generation. I feel that I am truely blessed to get the opportunity to study in St. Xavier’s School. It is in this institution where I discovered myself and choose to be brave enough to accept even the tough circumstances as an opportunity with gratitude. 

The introduction of CMMSS has also brought a drastic change in the field of education. This has brought a revolution in the field of education in our state. This scheme has not only instilled a spirit of competition amongst the primary students in government schools, but has also fulfilled the aims and aspirations of hundreds of bright students who could never be able to study in such prestigious institutions due to financial constraints. 
I feel that  the students of Sikkim are fortunate enough to get such educational facilities which transforms our life. I would therefore like to extend my deepest gratitude to Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling for providing us with such a life changing opportunity and setting a remarkable history in this state. I assure you sir your efforts will not go to waste and we shall be the asset to the society, state and nation as a whole.

Dipesh Darjee from Lungchok, West Sikkim after being selected for Honourable Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme studied in St. Xaviers’s School, Pakyong. Currently, after completing his schooling he is pursuing his graduation from Namchi Govt. College, Kamrang.

(Editor’s Note: In this series we are trying to bring out write ups contributed by the meritorious recipients of Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship Scheme. This is a scheme envisioned by Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to sponsor meritorious students completing their primary level education from Government Schools to pursue their further studies from reputed boarding schools, both within and outside the state.)


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