Youth should stand for what is right: Zigmee Gurung

Wandering Souls of Sikkim recently caught up in an conversation with a Young Leader Mr. Zigmee Gurung. He was last year elected as the Joint Secretary (2019-20) of the Student’s Union of Ramjas College in Delhi, where he is currently pursuing his graduations in Commerce. Zigmee hails from Begha Village near Dentam in West Sikkim and has completed his elementary schooling from Begha Junior High School; after which he was selected for the state government scholarship to study in The Scindia School, Gwalior, where he completed his schooling.

Here’s the excerpts of our conversation with Zigmee:

Wandering Souls of Sikkim (WSOS): Your’s is an inspiring journey from Begha Junior High School in West Sikkim to being elected as the Joint Secretary of Ramjas College Student’s Union. Would you like to share something about the journey?

Zigmee Gurung (ZG): Michelangelo once said “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aims are too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we achieve it”. Maybe this is why I, being a young decently brought up boy living in the midst of flora and fauna in Sikkim have managed to establish myself as a Joint Secretary of the prestigious Ramjas College. However the election wasn’t a cake walk. There were many hurdles to be crossed. Criticism was definitely one of those but I feel glad and honoured that with utmost support from my friends I coud successfully overcome those hurdles perhaps it was no less than a god’s grace.

WSOS: How important it is to involve students and youth in mainstream politics?

ZG: The youth and students getting involved into mainstream politics is undoubtedly very very important . All these past many years and also it’s a matter of fact that people have been selling away their rights unknowingly over small petty promises made by politicians and of course the reason for such things is lack of awareness amongst the people. So, bringing students and youth into mainstream politics would definitely be an opportunity for the budding minds and also they would be able to come up with fresh ideas which could be implemented in a better way thus resulting in slow down of corruption and a better improvement in mainstream politics.

WSOS: Your take on the need of an intellectual and informed debates in Sikkim on important issues. How do you think can we engage young people to talk about things that matter?

ZG: Young people here are engaged in petty, unimportant things. A better environment should be created for the children? A competitive one; Wherein they know what they WIll face in the near future. People have a very primitive mindset and it’s freaking difficult to change their way of thinking. They are not ready to learn.

WSOS: What would be that one thing that you would like to change in the system when you get a chance to be inside?

ZG: There are a lot of people who want to change the system according to their own desire and perfection. There are a lot of people who give advises and ideas about changing the system and dont bother to adopt the change themselves; but I dont want to be one of them. I say don’t fight the system learn to work with it. The system can function well only if the people are ready to work with it. If we run in the same direction, together a lot of changes can be brought in for the good of all. So I believe in working with the system not changing it.

WSOS: What will be your Message for the youth of Sikkim?

ZG: You know I have noticed the deep-rooted bias against Northeastern students, which has been there for the longest time. But gradually this is changing since people have started to accept and respect the differences that has prevailed among various communities. But there is still room for more change and development. And I encourage our youth to be well aware about what is going on in our society and stand for what is right.


WSOS: Would you like to say something about WSOS?

ZG: Wandering Souls of Sikkim is definitely a very good initiative. Initiatives like NEEV: A Foundation for better future and the Library Initiative. I feel this initiative would be a very good platform for the youth in coming days. Last but not the least I would like congratulate each and every members of WSOS for making such an effort to take up the challenge. I am also very happy to be associated with WSOS. I wish good luck to us (smiles). I hope we would be able to take up more challenges in coming days. Cheers!

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