School Library Upgraded by Wandering Souls of Sikkim at Upper Tokday Primary School, South Sikkim

School Library Upgraded by Wandering Souls of Sikkim inaugurated at Upper Tokday Primary School, South Sikkim

School Library upgraded by Wandering Souls of Sikkim (WSOS) at Govt. Primary School, Upper Tokday, South Sikkim was inaugurated by Hon’ble MLA, Rangang Yangang, Smt. Raj Kumari Thapa on 28th September 2022, Wednesday.

Ambience enhancement of the library by putting up ceilings in the room, painting of the library walls and addition of 2 bookshelves, 500 books, floor carpets and reading tables & chairs for students were part of the upgradation by WSOS with the support from our sponsors and contributors.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony WSOS Co-founder Pranay Khatiwara thanked all the contributors for contributing cash, books and bookshelves for the upgradation.

School Headmaster Shri H L Sharma appreciated the initiative and thanked WSOS for it.

MLA Raj Kumari Thapa in her address congratulated the school for the upgraded library and called upon the teachers and students to take maximum advantage of the upgraded library. She also applauded the efforts of WSOS and assured all possible support.

This was the sixth school library upgraded by WSOS as a part of our Library initiative and with the help and support of all our contributors we will try to upgrade many more libraries in the days ahead.

Inauguration ceremony was also attended by SKM Rangang Yangang Incharge Shri R K Basnet, Panchayats, Education Dept. Officials, teachers, parents, students and others.

Wandering Souls of Sikkim is grateful towards following individuals for their support in the upgradation of this Library:

1. Raj Kumari Thapa, Hon’ble MLA, Rangang Yangang

2. M Bharani Kumar, IAS, DC, Namchi

3. Bharat Basnet

4. Matrika Sharma

5. Dr. Rekha Sharma

6. Shiva Pd. Sharma

7. Arpan Tiwari

8. Hari Bhattarai

9. Sunil Shah

10. Kusal Gurung

11. M B Khulal

12. Nirkamal Dahal

13. Anup Gurung

14. Ayush Subba

15. Aditya Rai

16. Manjil Gurung

17. Siddharth Mishra

18. Avishek Sharma

19. Suraj Sharma

20. H L Sharma

21. Sidarth Tamang

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