INTERVIEW: UN Volunteer Sangita Dahal

"Volunteering is the commitment of time and energy for the benefit of society and the community, the environment or individuals outside one's immediate family. It is undertaken freely and by choice, without concern for financial gain."  United Nations Volunteer Sangita Dahal holds a masters degree in Sociology and is currently working as a District Youth... Continue Reading →


Lomas Dhungel  So much are we nourished and cared by nature that we can aptly use the term “Mother” when we talk about her. With the modern definition of “development” we have created a world full of non-biodegradable wastes that ultimately give birth to serious problems like pollution, global warming, diseases and many more. Thus... Continue Reading →

Journey towards my Dreams

-Pawan Pyakurel On the way to find out or create a reality in which I can fly high, like I do in my imaginative world, I find myself wondering for few hours, reading a book that promises me success for few hours and taking actions that I feel will take me towards creating the reality,... Continue Reading →

YOUNG AUTHOR: An Interview with Pankaj Giri

Welcome to Wandering Soul of Sikkim ! Pankaj Giri's The Fragile Thread of Hope: A gripping emotional inspirational fiction was one of the best-selling e-books in Amazon. Wandering Soul of Sikkim talked with Pankaj recently for our Young Author Series. Here are the excerpts of our interview with him: Wandering Soul of Sikkim(WSOS): Would you like to share... Continue Reading →

YOUNG LEADER: An Interview with Rikzing Wangyal Lepcha, President, SRC, Government College, Burtuk

Welcome to Wandering Soul of Sikkim ! Dear Readers, Today in our Young Leader Series we present to you all our interview with Rikzing Wangyal Lepcha, President, Student Representative Council (SRC), Government College, Burtuk. Born to Mrs Norjeela Bhutia and Mr. Dorjee Lepcha from North Sikkim  he was inspired from his parents and his desire to serve and find... Continue Reading →

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