Poem: My Old Home

Today, when I lie on my hostel bed, I wander myself off. It was a past few years, that i get, Which was ummm..quiet so tough. When I certainly feel so lost. Turning into regret, not among those fines But amongst the worst. I walked through your forgotten old stairs to feel that nostalgic kick.... Continue Reading →

POEM: Love at First Sight

  - Anupam Sharma As I began to experience the beauty of light, it started with a frequent someone. Someone, I didn't know how pretty she was, but her beauty, her beauty used to touch me. Someone, I didn't know how daring she was, but her intensive care, it used to dozz me off, out... Continue Reading →

Illuminating Writer’s Corner

No no! You are mistaken She is not a robot! She is a human she too bleed and clot. Yes! she works eighteen plus hours in twentyfour, She gets to smell new clothes twice a year, but she is not poor. When daylight fades slowly and darkness creep through the door, She suffers the wait,... Continue Reading →


Lomas Dhungel  So much are we nourished and cared by nature that we can aptly use the term “Mother” when we talk about her. With the modern definition of “development” we have created a world full of non-biodegradable wastes that ultimately give birth to serious problems like pollution, global warming, diseases and many more. Thus... Continue Reading →

Journey towards my Dreams

-Pawan Pyakurel On the way to find out or create a reality in which I can fly high, like I do in my imaginative world, I find myself wondering for few hours, reading a book that promises me success for few hours and taking actions that I feel will take me towards creating the reality,... Continue Reading →

नाई मलाई थाहा छैन (कविता )

अनिश शर्मा "रोदन " यथार्थ त मलाई थाहा छ तर मलाई बाच्नु छ । मैले सत्य कुरा गरे त भोलि मलाई मारिने छ । त्यसैले म भन्छु, नाई मलाई थाहा छैन । नाई मलाई थाहा छैन । सत्य कुरा गरे त भोलि मेरो बदनाम हुनेछ । सत्यलेनै मलाई , बदनाम गराउनेछ । भोलि मेरो चर्चाको... Continue Reading →

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