The sin notch graver SANTOSH SUBBA Doctor wanted to sprint to his residence, but one of his invalid legs failed him. He was sure that he had never run as fast as he was running right now. When he arrived at his door, he was bathed in sweat. He was alarmed to find the door ajar,... Continue Reading →

The War of Attrition

SANTOSH SUBBA Chakdor Namgyal was incensed by Pedi Wangmo’s machinations that forced his flight to Tibet and Sikkim’s loss of territories to Bhutan. He stormed out the palace to consult the Lama Jigme Pao who had accompanied him from Tibet. He highly venerated Jigme Pao. Chagdor visited Jigme Pao’s quarters instead of sending for him... Continue Reading →

Pedi Wangmo’s Threat

SANTOSH SUBBA ‘How dare you insult me in front of all these gentlemen?’, thundered Pedi Wangmo, trembling with rage that was building up within her for the insult she had just received from her half-brother, Chagdor, who was years younger than she. All the ministers and courtiers giggling mildly immediately became grave, stung as they... Continue Reading →

NEEV held at Tareythang School on 19th March 2021

Wandering Souls of Sikkim organized NEEV: A Foundation for Better Future, an inter-school festival on 19th March 2021 at Government Secondary School, Tareythang, East Sikkim. The festival was supported by Bering Tareythang & Amba Gram Panchayat. Around 100 students from 8 schools under Amba & Bering Tareythang GPUs participated in various competitions like Quiz, Debate,... Continue Reading →

Pranay Khatiwara represented WSOS in CDCE panel discussion

WSOS Co-founder Pranay Khatiwara participated in bhannus-na, a panel discussion of NGO representatives organised by Council for Democratic Civic Engagement (CDCE), a community organisation and moderated by senior journalist Pema Wangchuk. Other panelists were KC Nima of Freedom Facility Rehab Centre and Upasak Chakrabarty & Lhamu Tshering Dukpa of Rainbow Hills Welfare Association, Sikkim. Watch... Continue Reading →

School Library Upgraded by Wandering Souls of Sikkim inaugurated at Tilak Pradhan Memorial Sr. Sec. School, Rateypani, South Sikkim

School Library upgraded by Wandering Souls of Sikkim (WSOS) at Tilak Pradhan Memorial Sr. Sec. School, Rateypani, South Sikkim was inaugurated by Namthang Rateypani MLA cum Minister Sanjit Kharel on 28thDecember 2020, Monday. Addition of 2500 books, floor carpets and magazine subscriptions were part of the upgradation by WSOS with the support from its... Continue Reading →

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