Poem: My Old Home

Today, when I lie on my hostel bed, I wander myself off. It was a past few years, that i get, Which was ummm..quiet so tough. When I certainly feel so lost. Turning into regret, not among those fines But amongst the worst. I walked through your forgotten old stairs to feel that nostalgic kick.... Continue Reading →

POEM: Love at First Sight

  - Anupam Sharma As I began to experience the beauty of light, it started with a frequent someone. Someone, I didn't know how pretty she was, but her beauty, her beauty used to touch me. Someone, I didn't know how daring she was, but her intensive care, it used to dozz me off, out... Continue Reading →

Illuminating Writer’s Corner

No no! You are mistaken She is not a robot! She is a human she too bleed and clot. Yes! she works eighteen plus hours in twentyfour, She gets to smell new clothes twice a year, but she is not poor. When daylight fades slowly and darkness creep through the door, She suffers the wait,... Continue Reading →

नाई मलाई थाहा छैन (कविता )

अनिश शर्मा "रोदन " यथार्थ त मलाई थाहा छ तर मलाई बाच्नु छ । मैले सत्य कुरा गरे त भोलि मलाई मारिने छ । त्यसैले म भन्छु, नाई मलाई थाहा छैन । नाई मलाई थाहा छैन । सत्य कुरा गरे त भोलि मेरो बदनाम हुनेछ । सत्यलेनै मलाई , बदनाम गराउनेछ । भोलि मेरो चर्चाको... Continue Reading →

कलम (कविता)

अनिश शर्मा "रोदन " म एउटा मानव , तिमी पनि त मानव । फरक यति मात्र छ , तिमी चलाउँछौ बम ,गोलि ,बन्दूक । म चलाउँछु कलम । म एउटा युवा , तिमी पनि त एउटा युवा । तर फरक यति मात्र छ , तिमी बलवान् छौ , म बुद्धिमान । मेरो पनि रहर छ... Continue Reading →

Tears of Teesta

by Roshan Adhikari A mother who nourished my crops, Water which rest down my thirst. A deity which blessed my tiny land Sikkim, Goddess of worshiping, Teesta her name, Flows all the season from autumn to spring. In between the mountains a glacier survives, Where she took the birth, a place to rejoice. Flowing down... Continue Reading →

Random Emotions…

by Abhishek Sharma   I pray to god, this bad blood to bail, Silence does not means that peace prevails, Everyone sees love and harmony but Nobody feels the “Visible Devil”, Where we work in modern era, and everyone is backing up medieval. The state of total chaos, innocent fools, trading schools, and acts that... Continue Reading →

Into the Strange Land…

by Neha Kamboj To the land of unknowns, I walk Amidst silence and serene... The Beautiful greens holding the air around And clouds above in the open sky like open arms, Welcoming the cool breeze, Swiftly taking away my breathe And swishing away strands of hair from my face. The coolness and calm around like never... Continue Reading →

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