An Interview with Parshu Dahal

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Parshu Dahal‘s ‘The Lama Who Never Was’, a collection of short stories was released recently. An Officer in the Sikkim Police, Dahal is from the beautiful village called Gelling in West Sikkim. Anita Sharma of the Wandering Souls of Sikkim talked with the author about his book and his future plans. We are thankful to him for agreeing to respond to us despite his busy schedule. Here’s the excerpts: 

Wandering Souls of Sikkim(WSOS): Something about your early years. 

Parshu Dahal (PD): I had my early education in Gelling School in West Sikkim and then in TNA Gangtok. I was an average child, and was active in almost all fields . I loved music since childhood.

WSOS: How do you balance your professional and personal life?

PD: Balancing personal and professional life is vital, though quite hard especially in our profession. We need to make sure that neither overshadow the other, both need to get the dues they deserve.

WSOS: We have read your stories, it looks so natural and touches the lives of people of Sikkim, what is/are your motivations for your writings?

PD: The motivation for writing comes from the simple lives, of our rural folks and my deep feeling that they need to be  brought before the new generation from within Sikkim as well as outside.

WSOS: Your favourite books/authors.

PD: My favourite authors have always been Anton Chekhov, Tolstoy, O Henry, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

WSOS: How many hours a day do you write? Do you believe in writer’s block?

PD: Can’t get time to write every day, but it depends. And I am very irregular, both in reading and writing. Writer’s block? Of course I do believe. I do suffer from it often…haha


WSOS: What’s the most important quality a writer has to have?

PD: Since I am just starting to write, I am not qualified to answer it.

WSOS: What are you working on now?

PD: I am simultaneously working on a collection of short stories as well as a novel.

WSOS: Your advice for new authors and how can they get a book released by a publisher?

PD: If you have a story to tell , go ahead. You will regret later keeping it all to yourself. And you will certainly love the feeling. And dont wait for a big publisher, there are plenty of good, yet cheap publishing houses including online book publishers. Go ahead.

WSOS: Would you like to say something about Wandering Souls of Sikkim? 

PD: Wandering Souls are doing great by highlighting small and big achievers, young and old. Best Wishes always.

WSOS: Thank You so much Sir. 

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