POEM: Love at First Sight


Anupam Sharma

As I began to experience the beauty of light,
it started with a frequent someone.
Someone, I didn’t know how pretty she was, but her beauty, her beauty used to touch me.
Someone, I didn’t know how daring she was, but her intensive care, it used to dozz me off, out of assurance that she, she was right there.
Awake and alert.
Those undated patches of her images,
I don’t know, so confused it was ,
but with the feeling that she was near, and with the beautiful smile that she used to wear, damn, she had to be pretty. “when I wake up, what if she wasn’t there?” no matter how sound i used to sleep, I used to have that fear, which used to ring like an alarm, somewhere far inside, yet somewhere so near.
I used to wake up.
Those patches of her images, so brisk it was, and with all the assurance that I used to have, I had that unspoken fear. The fear that she would get lost instead of me. And that I will be right there but she will never be.
And floating amongst those fears,
those images, damn those images, so blur it was , it was yet so clear.
Yes, it took me a while to see her face, but till then, her beauty had already been her image.
The image that was so beautiful,
it used to be so bright.
I still remember when she used to dance with me, holding my hand and catching me tight.
When I would enjoy my victory over a one sided fight, and she would look at me, smile and still be so naive. I was stoned of her love.
She was my women, and like any angel, she was in white,
by the time I saw her, she wasn’t new, I was already in love with her.
My love, at the first sight.
Love, amma ! ❤

Anupam is a budding photographer and writer. Click here to find him in Instagram 

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