Student’s Voice: NIT Sikkim needs a permanent Campus.

Sikkim aims to become 100% literate state in India. Complete literacy is something which sounds great in talks, but in ground reality, a very far and demanding milestone to achieve. There’s no denying that government has taken measures to attain this goal but its necessary that we take effective measures which works out in the real scenario. High Schools has always been up to the mark in our state leaving a few exceptions, but when it comes to higher education we do not have much resources. We might have centres for many courses but a very few of them are functioning well and making an impact on the state with the quality of graduates they produce. The NIT’s are a group of premier institutions formed through a parliamentary act which aim at giving the best technical education to students at almost no cost. The government needs to understand that proper education is the root of all development. The government should invest in education in a proper way. They need to understand that it is people’s mindsets that needs development. Proper roads, tall buildings  uninterrupted power supply will come in no time once people develop and understand the essence of education. NIT SIKKIM has been running in a very small campus since 8 years. Nevertheless, placements and other related matters are still going good but the increment in campus area would most likely make it better. We don’t have labs for some departments because they require a large space. If we were allotted more land and space and provided with ample labs, we would get quality education which could lead to a creation of great engineers contributing towards the progress and prosperity of not only Sikkim but the entire world.  Construction of a permanent and full-fledged campus for NIT Sikkim is the necessity that each one of us needs to understand and act on. Shall we? 

Shared by Pranesh Chettri, an undergraduate student of NIT Sikkim. 

Featured image: NIT Sikkim’s temporary campus at Ravangla, South Sikkim.

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  1. The most important thing of any NIT &IIT is it’s campus.The government should understand this and take action against it.


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